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    • Tity
    • 30.05.05 | 19:28 (IDT)

    Chanah, I have read so many times from you your "attacks" towards Khalid...why are you doing this? The Palestinians are still in the beginning...they know it takes lot more to do in order to build a society for themselves after having literally nothing! Dont be too hard on them...what is their fault anyway?? Khalid has been trying for so long to make his point and to show you that ordinary life for him, his family and his friends is not that easy in a place like Hebron or Israel in general. For the Jews living in Israel it is easier.... Khalid and other Proud Palestinians who even BOTHER TO SIT SO LONG AND REPLY TO YOU AND THE OTHERS is struggling to answer back and he is doing right as his voice is not easily heard by all of you living in Israel, USA, England, France etc.. Khalid is trying to explain and describe a situation unusual to all of us who sit peacefully at out houses whereas in his hometown there are many killings, there are disputes and animosity!!! Israel is not Khalid's problem Chanah.... Israel CREATES a problem TO Khalid. I really feel that Khalid is fighting to show us a real situation and he is worth listening to. When he says that he gives Abbas 2 YEARS TO PROVE HIMSELF...he doesnt actually mean 2 years...he is trying to put the frame and show that the Palestinians are so eager to trust and to believe someone who will bring the desired for the people , that they have put limits as its time for them to finally enjoy what it was witheld from them all this time!! Khalid im sorry if i spoke for you but i just felt that we need to be treated equally here and i would stand up for anyone who i think is correct!!! You know Chanah, im Jewish too but i think im human enough to give these people some credit and to finally let them enjoy life as we do on a daily basis!! KHALAS with all the atrocities...., enough!! Now hopefully things will take their own way, starting with Gaza, and im sure Khalid has faith in Abbas.... they will not doubt him immediately..... The Palestinians as the us, the Jews have learned to suffer for many years....have learned to have patience for many we have.... have learned not to speak always because they have the occupiers on their head.... LIKE WE HAD CHANAH...60 YEARS AGO, IN THE HOLOCAUST!! you see how many things we have in common???? No matter what the Palestinians think of Jews, no matter what is their relationship with the Occupier...not all Jews are the same! Unfortunately, we cant be the same as we have different way of thinking...but we get along well with the Palestinians coz we share same anxieties...we share same or similar background! Arabs and Jews are the only ones who look alike so much.... and Im glad for that! BELIEVE ME CHANAH...IF ALL THE ACTIONS ARE TAKEN AND SHARON PULLS OUT OF GAZA, AND IF HE REALISES ALL HE HAS SAID THEN IT WILL BE A STEP FORWARD! THEN IF THE PALESTINIANS DONT STICK TO THE CEASE-FIRE THEN WE CAN START ARGUING AGAIN!!!! Right Khalid? Chanah, give them time....they deserve it! they are humans!!!!! Im so positive for both Israelis and Palestinians! I love both people so much!!! :)

    from the article: Israel is helping the rise of Hamas
    First published 00:00 30.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 30.05.05
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