Ceasfire in Gaza - Sisyphus in Israel. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Gary English
    • 23.11.12 | 11:20 (IST)

    While this Article is balanced between political and military factors the conclusions of the article are like a math equation without taking into the account the X factor. Until Israel understands that military supremacy and political success are not the means to a peaceful solution in Palestine and Israel, there will only be continued cycles of violence like the myth of Sisyphus - with the rock inevitably falling back into Netanyahu's lap - only again to be pushed up the hill. Justice for palestinians is the best and only way to create stability that would in turn undermine Hamas. This does not mean the end to the Israeli state. The end of arbitrary arrests, administrative detentions, parallel justice systems, the abuse of the palestinian economy and natural resources and ultimately the settlements themselves in the West Bank and the violence they cause are the keys to this equation. Israel does not yet understand that the question of the conflict with Palestine is a human rights issue, not strictly a political or military one. They are still fighting the war of 1948. The International community is slowing understanding this paradigm. and when they fully grasp the extent of this basic truth, Israel will be forced into the present. In Jenin this week, PA security forces prevented the IDF from entering Jenin. There were forced to because they understood the will of the people here. Hamas would win an election in the territories if held today. All this as a result of Israel's policy math which again, misses the key point. The best and only way to undermine Hamas and counter this threat is Justice, and a stop to abuses that are the direct result of asymmetrical power in the region. If these steps were taken Israel would gain the international respect it could deserve and more moderate elements of the Palestinian ethos could come forward. Any people anywhere will fight as long as they are continuous victims of systematic human rights abuses. The Palestinians, one or the other continue to demonstrate this basic truth and will remain persistent against assimilation.

    from the article: Netanyahu trying to convince Israeli hawks he won the Gaza war
    First published 10:05 23.11.12 | Last updated 10:05 23.11.12
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