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    • H.H.M
    • 08.11.07 | 14:10 (IST)

    Iranian nuclear development as pictured / declared by its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of having 3,000 centrifuges operational / working with the result that within approx two to three years Iran could become an nuclear military power. The official declarations that Iran?s nuclear development is to produce electricity i.e. non-military articles, is to be taken with more than a ?grain of salt? despite the IAEA bosses declaration of not being aware / not having proved or found signs of Iranian military nuclear development. Majority of world?s nuclear powers are more than unwilling to receive any additional ?member in its club? for many reasons of their own also in the wake of Iran?s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declaration to obliterate Israel. It seems the world is close to a breaking point and its complete unwillingness to allow Iran to continue with what is called / considered military nuclear ability development. Already decided and partially functioning of non-military pressure by international society so far have not shown the required / expected denouncing factual retreat / stopping of the ongoing process. Neither was Iran ready to a complete opening up of all its nuclear research facilities to international inspections. - Again on the basis of Ahmadinejad jubilant declaration of having passed in their nuclear development ?the point of no return.? Nuclear powers, as well as the rest of the world feel threatened by this declaration / statements which are more than a challenge to the international society, which could, if necessary, react on the nuclear military level but is more than hesitant to use these ultimate weapons. Maybe that this ?reluctance? is based on fear what will be the controlled / unknown reaction to the use of atomic weaponry. - Now the only open way to prevent active militant anti Iranian action is an ultimatum by those powers able to use their nuclear ability, to Iran to stop immediately its present process, open up its facilities to all concern, consent to accept possible stoppage / request/ action. This ultimatum should be limited for a very small amount of weeks . Only upon Iran?s declared acceptance of the conditions, any possibility exists for avoiding powerful action. Here a special command staff consisting of all the ultimatum giving nations should start functioning even without Security Council / UN consent to act in accordance with the demanded actions. This in view of the apparent fast Iranian nuclear development which no longer leaves any room for another approach.

    from the article: Report: Washington concerned Israel gearing up to attack Iran
    First published 00:00 08.11.07 | Last updated 00:00 08.11.07
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