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    • Victor
    • 08.09.10 | 06:27 (IDT)

    and he is quite correct. Outside the crusades which were ultimately relatively contained ill conceived adventtures, the more recent vilification of Arabs is a recent (20th century) phenomena that is a consequence of the American model of imperialism, namely an adversiarial (might is right) exercise of power. Hence the preference for anti-nationalistic dictatorships, etc. The proper study case is post-WWII South and Central America, once properly understood the then contemporanous and subsequent US actions in the ME present no great difficulties. But South America has gotten out from under the American yoke and as for the ME recent decades have been a case study in the limits of Amewrican power more than anything else. For example Iraq is slipping away from American control ... not surprising since the insane neocon crowd give the reigns of power turned lack of planning into a virtue, e.g. "creative destruction" ... and if anything the ground has be set for Iranian ascendency as the major power in that region. Anyways returning to the Jews the story is quite different, there one observes an continuous vilification from antiquity to modern times culminating in the despotism of the Holocaust, and surely it is this to which Castro refers, again quite correctly. However Castro's intent is surely not to be an apologist for the state of Israel, Castro fears (quite reasonably enough) a disastrous calamity in the near future involving a US nuclear attack on Iran (in a desparate attempt to retain/obtain regional hegemony - there's still no lack of insane Americans in power). Castro is putting all his energy into preventing this and hence his desire to reign in Ahmadinejad. Fortunately Castro is much respected and admired in South American and people such as Chavez take what he says with the upmost seriousness and heed his words. This plus direct relationships between Iran and now powerful South American countries, e.g. Venezuela and Brazil, as well as alternate international bodies such as the Non-Aligned Movement, portend that Castro's words may have positive effect (much to the discontent of much of the leadership of Israel which is actively antagonizing for the very disaster Castro is trying to prevent. Viva Castro!

    from the article: Fidel Castro tells Ahmadinejad: Stop denying the Holocaust
    First published 23:30 07.09.10 | Last updated 23:30 07.09.10
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