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    • Sy Levy
    • 04.05.11 | 13:13 (IDT)

    Carter doesn't get it. He never has. I admire him for all his hard work and sincerity about helping to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Unfortunately, he refuses to understand that you cannot make peace with any group or people who have the avowed purpose of killing the Jews and driving them into the sea. Just imagine Mexico firing rockets just over the border into schools, businesses, homes and apartments. What response would Carter think appropriate from the United States government? There is nly one solution to peace between Israel and Palestine. Stop killing Jews. Stop teaching your people and your children to hate Jews. Stop demanding that Israel give up territory in return for nothing. Nothing! There is only one decent course of action. The Palestinians have to get together, exercise control over their lives and fortunes and try to work with Israel to forge a supportable peace with the actions of criminals and murderers and hate filled nationalists disavowed and policed. Solve that problem and there can be peace. Remember, Israel is the only democracy in the entire Mideast. If the unrest and revolutionary behavior in the Arab nations continues will this create the possibility of intelligent people of goodwill sitting down together for the common good? Or, will it lead to rule by the mullahs and the imposition of sharia law on millions of people. That would lead only to hatred, injustice, brutal behavior and intrigues in these nations, hardly fertile grounds for freedom and democracy. Any nation that thinks it is fitting and proper to stone to death women who have been raped instead of arresting and severely punishing the rapists is virtually unsalvageable. Generations must pass until they clean up the horror they create with their so-called belief in God. All people, citizens of every country, must have the inviolate and undisputed right to live as they see fit within the society they were born into. There must always be separation between church and state for peace and freedom to prevail. Civilized society knows this. Will the Palestinians and the Arab states acknowledge this? Until then, Israeli concessions should be very, very, very few and only then predicated on the ability of the Palestinians and the Arabs to create decent, honorable and safe lives for their citizens. A good start is to stop killing Jews and stop abusing your own citizens.

    from the article: Carter urges West to support Hamas-Fatah unity deal
    First published 11:12 04.05.11 | Last updated 11:12 04.05.11
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