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    • Highlander
    • 04.02.12 | 03:49 (IST)

    I say no... We must always suspect/assume that they are only playing the American public and international community into believing that they are doing everything in their power to 'resolve' the stand-off with Iran as 'non-militarily' as possible... . Obama's stated stance on Israeli construction on the West Bank and East Jerusalem is that it must stop as it is illegal... But the reality is that these days he personally makes no strong condemnations giving Israel carte blanche to accelerate the illegal acts... Either Obama caved in to Netanyahu's well-honed attacks and ambushes or else Obama was only paying lip-service to an idea to placate critical international opinion and especially that of the Islamic/Arab states... ... Where all along the plan was actually to facilitate Israeli control over the Palestinian territories. Similarly, we must assume that the Obama administration has already decided to attack Iran but wants to be seen as an unwilling ally in an all-out attack... As we know, without using nuclear weapons, there is nothing in the current US and Israeli armouries capable of destroying the deeply-buried parts of the Iranian nuclear program. As we also know, the people of Iran are a proud, willing and prepared to hunker down. Iran will be a harder nut to crack than Iraq. If and when Obama and Co. do launch an attack against Iran, we may see the early deployment of depleted uranium weapons as were used both in Fallujah and Afghanistan and by Israel in 2006. A team of experts found the evidence for this. The local populations are showing acute levels of birth deformities... this also could be another reason that wars are being continually waged by the USA and Israel's overlapping agendas... ... 'planting the seeds' of de-population. Obama's administration is the first administration to be totally in the pocket of Wall Street and the various strong lobbies... failure to rein in Wall Street is an indictment of their proclaimed ideals and led to the spectre of possible future abuses if and when the world recovers from the current economic disaster.... Failure to rein in Israel (impossible mission due to nature of relationship) means that the US and world may expect future troubles as well... rest assured.

    from the article: U.S. anxiety grows over possible Israeli plans on Iran
    First published 22:00 03.02.12 | Last updated 22:00 03.02.12
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