Can anyone give one legal document giving the rights to a Palestinian State? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Shame
    • 31.03.11 | 21:42 (IST)

    The legal document giving the Jews a right for a state in Jerusalem, WB, Gaza and Israel is enshrined in international law and the league of nations mandate for Palestine 1920's. American-Anglo treaty a few years later showed the agreement by Britain and the US as the mandate is the reason for this treaty. 1919 Paris Peace Conference Faisel and Weitzman signed the Paris Peace Agreement which would have given Palestine (including Jordan) as a Jewish Land. The British and French betrayed both sides and that fell apart. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan were all created in the same way and each has their own Mandate. The PLO was created in 1964 and its charter clearly called for the destruction of Israel and even gave up Gaza, WB, and the Himmah (jerusalem). Again this is clearly stated in their charter from 1964. This is when Israel did not control the WB, Gaza & E.Jerusalem. UN res 181 is a non binding General Assembly resolution which one side refused to acknowledge anyways. The PLO Phased Plan 1974 clearly states the their aim to destroy Israel in steps. Sadly they are reaching the later part of their plan. The land is disputed and even Rabin with Oslo only gave them the option of their own autonomy not state, Jordan Valley, Maale Adumim, Gush, Jerusalem would all stay part of Israel. He was Labour (Left wing) at the time. Anyone today saying the same is for some reason considered a right wing extremist. Lastly the 1967 lines is an armistice line not a legal border. What ever happened to secure and defensible borders from UN res 242? According to US Military leaders this included most of the WB, Gaza, and two points in Sinai to ensure the entrance to Eilat would stay open. Jews have been a majority in Jerusalem for nearly 200 years and a major majority for much of the past century even the Arabs living there would prefer to stay in a Jewish State. Jews lived in Gaza, WB, E.Jerusalem long before Israel was created is it not anti-jewish to deny someone the rights to live on land because of the religion/nation they were born into? Anyways i am going a bit off subject but the point is that there is a real legal right for the Jewish State to have the land can someone give me a legal right for the Palestinians as a nation to the land.

    from the article: Israel needs to launch a preemptive diplomatic strike
    First published 01:49 31.03.11 | Last updated 01:49 31.03.11
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