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    • Lawrence
    • 26.05.13 | 16:18 (IDT)

    First, let's remember, the Flotilla was in no way a humanitarian mission as advertised. There was no need to get assistance to the " poor Palestinians" because each month Israel supplies this area with hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and supplies. This is something that the elected terrorist groups of the area like Hamas should be doing. In addition, Israel said several times that if the ships of the " flotilla" were diverted to another Israeli port and inspected to make sure what was on board was legitimate, the cargo could be offloaded and Hamas could pick the supplies up at that port. Of course, they didn't want to do this because that would put a crimp into the countries that sponsored the " flotilla" plans to get more weapons into the hands of terrorist groups so they could continue to murder innocent Israelis. As suspected, underneath the rotten food that was found on board the ship was indeed weapons. In addition, their didn't need to be any carnage if the " nine Turkish civilians" which were aiding and abetting in this plot to get weapons int the hands of terrorists, didn't come on board the ship and start hitting IDF soldiers with metal bats, which is clearly seen on the video tape of the incident. Next, I am strongly against the "reconciliation talks" because what it amounts to is Israel kissing Turkey's rear end. If anything, Turkey owes Israel an apology for being complicit in a scheme that could have caused more innocent Israeli civilian casualties to a country they were supposed to be on good terms with at the time and since then Turkey's attitude towards Israel has been obnoxious and belligerent. Finally, it's interesting, with all the problems that Africa has poverty, disease, low education, illiteracy, and more, they still find time to stir up the " flotilla" issue. Maybe if they spent more time working on getting themselves out of the third world and less time getting involved in things that don't concern them, they could get themselves out of the gutter they live in.

    from the article: International Criminal Court opens initial probe into Gaza flotilla raid
    First published 21:04 14.05.13 | Last updated 21:04 14.05.13
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