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    • Edward
    • 03.11.12 | 10:54 (IST)

    A very thought-provoking article, as to be expected from you, but I tend to disagree to a certain extent. First, you mention wars and soldiers falling in battle, yet Hurricane Sandy was a natural disaster so that is the starting point. As for the American media reporting on fallen soldiers and those lost on 9/11, they have proven exemplary in highlighting personal stories. Too much so in some cases, especially in those newspapers and TV networks that called for them to go off to that senseless war in Iraq and get killed in the first place. NOW they're sorry? As for the American NATIONAL media not focusing on the scores of dead killed in the hurricane--you're right, the individuals have not been highlighted as well as they could have been. But anyone who watches local TV news in the tri-state area and reads the local, small circulation press will find ample coverage of these individuals, right down to interviews at the local schools and places of work. My guess is that schools and church groups will create small charities in the names of some of those killed so that donations can help similar victims. That is a model we have seen time and time again. You state that Israeli press coverage of individuals now extends to those killed in traffic accidents. US local TV coverage has been way ahead of you on this, and it is ghoulish practice.It's awful and I'm sorry Israeli media is picking up on this staple of the early evening local news (traffic accidents and bad weather are great ways to open every broadcast--it will keep them tuned in). Finally, both societies use (or bury) personal stories to enhance--or hide from-- the national conversation. Every Israeli killed by some insane terrorist does deserve to be remembered--and the Israeli press is to be commended. The point you almost raise, but don't, is why the American press doesn't personalize the stories of those citizens murdered with handguns and assault rifles. Their faces and their stories are too quickly hidden, because (I feel) Americans don't want to be reminded that gun control in the US is a hopeless and lost cause. And there will, of course, be a next time.

    from the article: U.S. media’s lack of focus on Hurricane Sandy’s fatalities highlight stark cultural divide
    First published 20:02 02.11.12 | Last updated 20:02 02.11.12
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