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    • 30.08.10 | 23:16 (IDT)

    Sure --like all lefty agit-rops,he hijacks the moral highground for himself by piling on the rabbi who said the PALS must perish.. BURSTON howver NEVER casigates THEIR IMAMS and politcal honchos who say the JEWS must perish ..ITs tit for tat and BURSTON is blind ONLY to 1 side coming out winners -HIS "PALS" . He thinks he can pull the wool over the GULLIBLEpeople who read his biased drivel such that PEACE can bring 2 winners. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE -somebody has to lose big in this dispute. Instead of laying out WHAT ISRAEL gains except a PEACE that still may never be more than temporary -INstead of giving HIS SOLUTION for a PERMANENT PEACE in the DETAILS who what BOTH SIDES must give up --he is SILENT. By implication we know what he wants Israel to give up --the OCCUPATION--that is give in to ALL the PAL land demands (1948 lines -with E. Jersusalem back in PAL hands,at the mercy of the PALs for any visits to Jewish Holy sites in Pal-land ,rights of return to all Pal refugees to the new PAL-land AND "compensation" to settle them back there). He gives no assurances PAL:s can not militarize like ANY OTHER STATE,but the Israelis can rest in Paradise because they have a pirece of paper saying the PALS agree to pEACE and borders (for now ) while the Jews forever sign away all land claims to pal-land given to them by torah . The out come of this "BARGAIN" of pEACE is predictible: That the PALs and other Arabs and Muslims will suddenly "love " jews and and welcome them as trure friends (I mean all that dhimmi stuff in the Koran is just a joke right?) is SO laughable that anyone believing that should go to the looney bin. On the other hand with Israel "put in its lace" ,forced tro capitualte back to 1948 lines,becoming DHIMMI to the "WORLD COMMUNITY" and making OBAMA the SAVIOR (Look what I did Ma !) ,"giving up" control and reiant on PAL "goodwill" to access to the Wailing Wall and other holy Jewish sites in PAL-land ,watching as THEY turn every archaelogical discovery of past Jewish settlement on THEIR LAND into vanishing dust after they destroy the evidence, and of course KEEPING PAL-LAND JUDEN FREI --accepting all this kow0-towing anf humilitation as Israel give up more of her soul and birthright for the SECURITY of PEACE -well it seems to me more like capitualation,surrender and grateful acceotance of what Israel is allowed to keep . I would rather BURSTON give us DETAILS for a PEACE where Israel DICTATES more of the "BARGAIN"--but because HE is so stupid ,I am glad to helf Burston out with some suggestions: ISRAEL should have these demands: 1. The Pals must DISAVOW all KORANIC suras that contain anyIslamic supremacist statement on how Muslims should treat Jews... IF they cannot do this WHY BOTHER withanyhing else. THey can never be true friends as loing as the Koran;'s vile referebces to Jews are expunged. 2. THe Temple Mount shallbe blown to smithereens such that neither JEW nor MUslim claims any interst in it. OF course the KAABA in MECCA must also be blown up as a good will gesture by the Muslims (I'm sure the PALS can get the Saudis to do that littlke favour for them ). THe former Temple Mount can thenmbe made into the BRADLEY BURSTON INTERNATIONAL PEACE PARK and its territory shared by both states in joint cistody. Burston will personally give lectures there on becoming a good LIBERAL LEFTY. 3. Israel will pay compensation to PAL refugess for a return to PAL-land ..The Paqls and thie Arab and Muslim chum,s shal pay compensation for all property they approritaed from jews they kicked out of their lands.. A symbolic compensation willbe paid by Saudi Arabia for the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish communities there by the "Prophet" Mohamed and his gang of cut-throat Jew-killers.. WE will take the poulation f Jewsn arabia before Islam --extrapolate how many Jews would be there today IF ISlam never had started,and award $10,000per head...I'm sure there would be more than 6million Jews -easily replacing the LOST ones to the Nazi euro ethnic JEW cleanser's there....HEY we are not asking the MUSLIMs to recompense us for German crimes -that would be stupid-no just a recompense for ISLAM's crimes againsat our people by their Prophet and his gang of thugs. 4. Even asuming we have gotten this far--- Israel demands that PAL-LAND allow the same % of Jewish citizens in its territory as there are Arab Muslims and Christians in the "cut to size" ISrael after the PEace...with guaratees that PAL-land has a democratoic consitution affording the PAL Jewish "citizens" the Same rights Israeli Arabs have in Israel. SURELY LIBERAL Burston cannot object to such a reasonable quid pro quo. 5. Finally any PEACE AGREEMENT must guaratee Jews from anywhere in the Worlds access to Jewish holyand historical ain in PAL-LAND ,with guaratees the PALS will preserve these sites and ALSO that any new archaeological sites discovered involving Jewish historical settlements on the land be preverved and jointly excavated between Israeli and PAL archaelology departments of each state, 6. PALS agree to a civilian police force but no standing army or militias allowed. 7. The rest of the deal--1948 lines except the special Temple Mount provisions(see #2 above) involving water rights,air traffic zones and other mudane details can easily be worked out among true FRIENS at PEACE...HOWEVER if #'s 1-6 are not in the deal-ISRAEL MUST REFUSE because without 1-6 any PEACE deal willbe an illusion and temporary. SO THESE are ISRAEL's bottom line terms-and i would not budge off any of them. Since Burston would not dare state these terms,I have made it easy for him-just READ THEM. IF your P{AL buddoes cannot agree to this simple list-WHY BOTHER ...might as well just LET THE PERISH because there must be some lines drawn in the sand else WHY BOTHER with continuing a Jewish majority state? The key point being -THE KORAN must be purged of its anti-Jew statements-if not there CAN NEVER be pEACE between Jew and Muslim. Burston must know this-but he has not got the guts to spell it out. The Jews are being asked to give land for Peace--the PALS aand their ARAB and MUslim cousins have to give up their idea of being SUPREME over JEWS (in this deal) and in their reltions with others in the rest of the world on their deals with those people,.Can't do it-FORGET P{EAVCE becaise it wilbe impossible and in that case it THEM or US who will come out winners whilst one of them perishes. THE half a loaf for PEACE is the better risk on the future of both peoples but ONLY if both give up something precious---the JEW gives up half his "PROMISED LAND" the ARAB here gives up HATE but to do it MUST call MOHAMMED a thug a lar and so must expunge the KORAN from his corruopting vile "additions" that HE made and where never recited by the angel Gabriel who after alll would NEVER disparage his Jews since HE (Gabriel) to;ld Daniel 12 centuries before Mohamed that at the END JEWS survive and invading enemies are destroyed ..SO it is clear -IF AT THE END TIME the PALS and the ARABS and THE MUSLIMS don't want to be destroyed they had better be good PALS to the JEWS of Israel ... MY list of demands in a Peace deal will assure they willbe good PALS -but if they cannot supply those demandsthen THEY CANNOT BE EVER such GOOD PALS..GEt it Bradley? To get back to the strying poin-BB loves piling on Israel for its sins against hois PALs-but he NEVBER tellks us how the PALS can be TRUE "PALS" and not merely temporary ones . I have given the list of items thay must comply with in any deal...Unless they comply with all of them--they can never be trusted as TRUIE PALS but only as the usual Muslim tricksters who pursue a temporary pEace to gain advantafge only to lATEr strike wuth their true agenda but from a stronger position.. This is as old a tactic for them as that rthug Mohamed fist outlined for their success obbver the ENEMY ... So now I aslk the PALS : "ARE you a TRUE BELIEVER in thast thug or a TRUE BELIEVBER thsat you must makle permanent PEACE with your friend and neighbour Israel? The answer is mutualy excluisive by simple logic. CHoose wisely my freinds.

    from the article: A Special Place in Hell / Celebrate Jewish New Year with a De-Occupation Seder
    First published 14:34 30.08.10 | Last updated 14:34 30.08.10
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