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    • Doug
    • 13.12.05 | 17:24 (IST)

    and you know it. Make no mistake, I fully support the right of the Palestinean people to have a State in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem...HOWEVER.. 1. Iran doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist...AT ALL. Iran and others of that illegal and illegitimate ilk will not be satisified with a Palestinean state...they will only be satisfied when there is NO Jewish state in the Middle East. Here's a tip for you - that will NEVER happen. Israel is here to stay, period. 2. The refugee problem is not Israel's to solve - the Arabs created the mess, they should clean it up. They were the ones who urged the Arabs to leave their homes in 1948 with impotent promises of "victory" over "the Jews." Now, your Arab brothers and sisters allow your fellow Palestineans to rot in camps. Shame on them. Remember, there were AS MANY JEWISH REFUGEES FROM ARAB NATIONS created by the 1948 War. The difference? Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees while your Arab brothers used your "country-men" as political pawns. 3. Only when Israel can be secure knowing that her Arab and Muslim neighbors are NOT committed to her ultimate destruction - i.e. when the criminal state of Iran is freed from its evil, oppressive government and when Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Queda have been eradicated - will Israel be able to abandon its nuclear weapons program. Until that day, it ain't happening. Period. 4. Israel SHOULD move quickly to help form a Palestinean state - it's inevitable. HOWEVER, your own people are sabatoging the prospects of peace Khalid. For every gesture by Israel, there's an attempt to murder Israeli civilians. That's beyond counter-productive - the Palestineans, for the first time in their sad history, must start to police themselves. Israel will never be eradicated...Israel will not be pushed into the sea...the Arab and Muslim world will be a parking lot before that ever happens...it's time for the Muslim and Arab world to accept reality and make a permanent and lasting peace. 5. Finally, overall, the 3 religions with roots in the Holy Land have NEVER been more free to visit holy sites. Israel has been FAR more respectful of the 3 different faiths than ANY OTHER nation/religion that has had dominion over what is now Israel. That is not debatable, period. This is pretty amazing when considering the fact that the Muslim holy sites were constructed under the auspices of illegal regimes. The Muslims and Christians NEVER had a viable legal claim over what is now Israel. The Dome of the Rock, by every aspect of international law, was not constructed legally. Yet it remains. Considering how Jordan forbid Jews from visiting the OLDEST religious structure in Jerusalem prior to 1967 - the Western Wall - Israel's openness to allowing Muslims and Christians to visit symbols of their faith is pretty remarkable. Your complaints in this regard are beyond impotent. Your attempts to place the illegal, criminal regime of Iran above Israel are pathetic, misguided and counterproductive.

    from the article: Ahmadinejad can continue to smile while the world argues
    First published 00:00 13.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 13.12.05
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