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    • Dutch
    • 17.06.05 | 00:12 (IDT)

    Bravo! Bravo! Leon Rosgarten-- I fully agree with you the EU is moving in the right direction holding meetings with Hamas. Why shouldn't Hamas become a political entity? I find it appalling the "diabolical practitioners" of this occupation are portraying themselves as peace loving people when they are nothing more than cold blood murderers of the Palestinian people. With a ratio of 4:1 in Palestinian deaths to Israelis deaths and with an injury rate of 50,000 Palestinians (10,000 are are children,) who are they to point a finger at anyone else or indeed to call anyone else a "terroist". In addition, as you know all three of Israel's leaders are world renowned terrorists. Begin; Shamir and Sharon. If there was a Hall of Fame for terrorists all three would sweep every categories! Begin for blowing up the King David Hotel is a single blast killing 92 people, a feat the most blood thirsty Palestinian militant could only dream about; Shamir and his Stern gang for the assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadette in 1948; and Sharon for arranging the gates to the Sabra and Shantila refugee camps were left unguarded which to the butchering of 2,500 elderly men. women and children by Christian right -wing extremists. Now I am sure you are aware of the shocking hypocrisy also behind this injustice--which greatly disturbs me-- while over 7,000 Palestinian prisoners are behind bars with often exaggerated claims to terror or with "blood on their hands" Israel's own state sponsored terrorists soldiers are walking about scott free with more "blood on their hands ". How unjust? So I can agree with your other recommendation to make these high level talks . And Should the Israelis fail to comply with these talks or try to block them -- I would move with your suggestion to call for sanctions and embargoes. After all, as very wise Stephen Murray (post# 16) pointed out on this web page -- the EU takes about 66% of Israeli exports. I think this. That could have a significant impact too. Indeed, I feel the world will demand this action now from Israel too. The US has been on the wrong side of this conflict for too long and I think people are very frustrated and have run out of patience with this diabolical occupation and immoral suffering of the Palestinian people. I think it is high time more churches and synagogues raised their voices to the chorus--END THE OCCUPATION NOW ! Already !50 countries have voted against the wall, plus the Episcopal church has already sold off its divestments in February and the Presbyterian church is soon to follow suit. In addition, companies that supply the building and maintenance of the settlements will find themselves increasingly targeted. I feel all this will make more cracks in the wall--which must come tumbling down... Many thanks again, Dutch

    from the article: Foreign Ministry protests EU contacts with Hamas officials
    First published 00:00 16.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.06.05
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