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    • Tim R
    • 05.03.10 | 09:08 (IST)

    There is a time, place and method of criticising. What do I mean? Time: One does not have to jump down our own proverbial throat right in the middle of every war that our enemies provoke. Sure, we are NOT perfect either and we too get things wrong at times. But let a bit of time pass and allow for a bit of perspective to seep in before jumping in and going for our own jugular. After all, maybe .... just maybe in the goodness of time we might find that NOT everything that we do is wrong ... Place: One does not have to stand on a soap box and make every bit of criticism Soooooo public. Some discretion should apply, lets NOT hang out every bit of dirty laundry in public, use more discrete channels to criticise, we are still in the middle of an existential war for G-D's sake ... Method: There is criticism and there is constructive criticism. I find that all too often, some of us Jews want to be harder on ourselves than even our enemies and we (or should I say you) criticise destructively. Destructively, because we (you) concentrate on what Israel supposedly should NOT do. But you do NOT offer CLEAR and well thought out alternatives to tell our leaders what (and how) they SHOULD do ... So in summary, like I told Zeev (one of our regular posters), you too should heed our ancient sage Hillel, who said: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?"(Rabbi Hillel) To me that means that if we end up so hard on ourselves then how can we expect others to side with us? And it would be a pity if we drive our friends away because on a fundamental level, we are NOT the ones who are wrong in this conflict ... Having said that, one has to be mindful of what else our sage said: "If I am not for others, what am I?"(Rabbi Hillel) And that means in this context that it is OK to criticise because we do have to try to think of others. But keep in mind what was said above ... After all, other countries too use and used heavy censorship in the middle of their wars. And I am NOT even advocating HEAVY censorship, just SOME discretion.

    from the article: Jews who want to see Jews leave Israel
    First published 23:30 04.03.10 | Last updated 13:00 08.03.10
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