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    • Yosemite
    • 03.08.10 | 07:14 (IDT)

    There are boycotts and there are boycotts, but let's face the music here. I don't think either the Olympia Boycott or the attitudes of some people in the state of Washington would have been so intense if the IDF had taken the precaution, In The First Place, of removing Rachel Corrie out of the area of Danger, even if she herself, put herself there. Rather than removing her, the IDF paid No Attention and they Ran Her Over Kiliing Her! Something completely Stupid! It could have been avoided. Another example of pure Stupidity is the incident with the Israeli Jewish American Emily Henochowicz! Apparently, an Arab IDF member hit her in the face with a Gas Cannister causing her to lose an eye! Now I won't go out on a limb and say it was completely intentional on the part of the soldier, but here again, I see the Blindness and the Stupidity! In this era where we Jews over here battle time and time again in the media for the legitimacy of Israel and sometimes it's policies, the Hospital treats her eye and the IDF neglects to pick up the bill. The parents are given the bill for the rather measely sum of $8500. They should have just paid the bill instead of me having to blog here about it. They deal with miltary expenses in the millions constantly. What's the big deal with $8500 when we're talking about Israel's image here? People pay Image Consultants and Lawyers far more than that per hour. This is Stupid on top of Stupid. Now how come I had to go there Bradley? Some of the things that happen are just expected consequences. I've been known to say things but I usually aim them at the worst terrorists in the World. I say things usually because people deserve it. I'm also a big tease and a leg puller. That's when I pick on Everybody. Anyway, the 9/11 Mosque thing? Hmmm? Well, the ADL has a point when it comes to how the American People generally feel about it. But is it the right thing Bradley? Bradley. Let them build a Mosque. The Muslims aren't going to disappear Bradley. Israel has to live with those people and so do we. You read that book yet? Philip Roth's "The Plot Against America". There's an inherant message in that book for both Jews and for Muslims. Now that's the book that minorities should read. Good Luck Buddy!

    from the article: A Special Place in Hell / Rethinking Israel boycotts, the ADL and a N.Y. mosque
    First published 15:11 02.08.10 | Last updated 15:11 02.08.10
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