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    • Amanda
    • 10.07.05 | 17:47 (IDT)

    Blaming Israel It was inappropriate for Prime Minister Blair to deflect Great Britain?s terror attack away from the true cause of the attack and to point the finger at Israel. The Israel-Palestinian problem has widely been used by terrorists as an excuse against crimes against humanity, and now Blair has effectively agreed, giving the terrorists much need credibility. Israel and the Palestinian people have a sufficient amount of problems and they do not need to have this problem exacerbate with condemnations and finger pointing. Great Britain has caused Israel/Palestinian relations enough damage in the past, Cheri Blair stated sympathetically with the suicide bombers ?As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow them selves up you are never going to make progress.? was enough for the terrorists to say see even the liberal West agrees with them, hence making the situation even more volatile. Now to have the head of the Government come out a publicly state, that the recent terrorist attacks in London where brought on by the Israel-Palestinian crisis is simply incorrect. Did Mr. Blair even think before he made this comment, his Country is allied with the most hated country of all the Arab Nations, The U.S.A. But intelligent individuals will not blame the USA they will get to the root of the problem and that being religious extremists. Had Mr. Blair however come out and made this statement I believe that Londoners would have seen another attack very quickly, all Blair has done is appease the terrorists and once again money from sympathetic Brits will flow into the hands of Muslim extremists who politely tell the donors that they need this money to fight Israel. Even if it means blowing up their buses and tubes right in the middle of London, because this is why Mr. Blair stated the bombing happened after all. It?s the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis. We look too Countries like Great Britain and the USA to set an example that terrorisms is UNACCEPTABLE however you try and disguise it, whether it be the incursion in Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel Palestinian conflict. Too appease the Militants it will only allow the situation to worsen.

    from the article: A world path not followed
    First published 00:00 10.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.07.05
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