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Hamas, Iran, Islamic State, and a finger in Obama's eye

At the UN, Israel's no. 1 explainer debunked Abbas' 'genocide' comments and threw a dry bone to the Arab world. And don't forget the gimmick.

Slichot at the Western Wall (Michal Fattal)
The obscure origins of Yom Kippur

It is the holiest day in Judaism, yet its intent has markedly changed and its practice today is a far cry from the rites of ancient times.

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Two words that could change Israel

There is immense power in two simple words, especially at this time of Judgment, when we are commanded, each of us, to pry our eyes open and take a clear and uncompromising look at ourselves.

1980s play about AIDS arrives, reborn, in Tel Aviv

Director: 'The years pass and you're having one-night stands and there’s the Tel Aviv abundance and we're dulled.'