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    • Herbert Grossman
    • 22.09.10 | 22:47 (IST)

    Gentiles, when they do not hate all Jews, often find subsets of Jews that they oppose or blame for all the world's ills, based on origin of birth, occupation, political affiliation, location, etc. For Bill Clinton, it is Israeli Jews who immigrated from Russia, whom he blames for the failure to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. They should be grateful, he thinks, just to live on a small piece of land, outside the West Bank, when the alternative could have been Russian jail cells. And he manages, too, to pass judgment on other Jewish immigrant groups as to their degrees of culpability. Sometimes it is hard to overcome your background and, for a Southerner like Clinton, condemning groups comes as second nature, especially if he finds them “uppity,” as I am sure he does with the Russian Jewish immigrants, over-accomplished as they are in science, medicine and the arts. Not that Clinton doesn't believe that favoring and disfavoring groups is not bigotry, and even purges him of it, if he just chooses the right (i.e., politically correct) ones, his philosophy throughout his presidency. But there is kernel of truth to his claims about the Russians' skepticism about so-called “peace proposals.” Having lived under the thumb of pogromchiks and barely escaped the Holocaust, they are legitimately apprehensive about buying into pie-in-the-sky settlement proposals that would put people in control of land adjacent to them who have conducted an uninterrupted campaign of genocide against the Jews of Palestine for over 70 years and used every property they controlled to launch attacks of mass murder against them. They are especially reluctant to relinquish their rights when the Jews' entitlement to the land is no lesser than that of the Syrians', Lebanese and Iraqis' to their lands, under the same international system and rules established in the early 1920s and not, in their cases, ever challenged. While, in the short term, Israel may owe its prosperity to the accomplishments of its Russian Jewish immigrants, in the long term, it may well owe its salvation to their realism.

    from the article: Bill Clinton's 'Russian immigrants are obstacle to peace' comment draws fire in Israel
    First published 19:56 22.09.10 | Last updated 19:56 22.09.10
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