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    • Don Boston
    • 21.11.10 | 10:17 (IST)

    This is the best, most well reasoned article I've ever read in Haaretz. Israelis should try to understand the international perspective. The world understands the claims of the Jews and for the most part - with a few extremist exceptions - recognizes Israel's right to exist. The Jews have their homeland. Zion exists, but Zionism does not justify continued land theft. The world doesn't deny your history. We deny its relevance to human rights and the claim that one race can take land from another based on race. It's ludicrous to deny that this is racist. Most of the world, certainly the major powers, recognize Israel's right to exist because of its status in International law, not because of culture-specific beliefs. It's fine for you to have your nationalistic ideology internally, but we are no longer in the middle ages and have moved past the nationalistic excesses of the 1st half of the 20th century. Why not be happy with what Israel has and accept the unanimous judgment of the world that it has no claim to land taken in 1967? Why persist in criminality that alienates virtually the entire world rather than living in peace with what the world recognizes as your legitimate country? The "ambiguity" argument may have some validity re UN Sc Res. 242, but Res. 465 makes it clear that Israel has no legitimate, internationally recognized claim to any land taken in 1967. Human rights are more important than nationalism. It is anachronistic and grossly unreasonable to expect the world to recognize claims based on Jewish religion, culture and history. Shinto, traditional Japanese religion, teaches that Japan has the inherent right to rule the world. Should we submit to that? If not, why should the world accept the teachings of Judaism? As long as Israel continues to steal land and routinely violate the human rights of Palestinians, it will and should be isolated. Israel needs the world. The world does not need Israel. When - not if - the US ceases to mindlessly veto all resolutions for sanctions against Israel, Israel will pay a much greater price than it could pay if it were to be reasonable and accept international law. Israel applauds and enforces international law against ex-Nazis, yet refuses to accept that its own conduct is also governed by International law.

    from the article: Israel must choose between Enlightenment and Romanticism
    First published 02:34 19.11.10 | Last updated 02:34 19.11.10
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