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Picture of the IDF jeep's windshield, shattered by a Palestinian later shot dead, July 3, 2015.

Senior IDF officer shoots dead Palestinian in W. Bank

17-year-old Palestinian shot by IDF brigade commander after shattering IDF jeep's windshield near the West Bank village of Al-Ram.

IDF soldiers inspect the entrance to a Hamas tunnel  during Operation Protective Edge, 2014.

Are we any safer one year after the Gaza war?

Neither Israel nor Hamas seemingly wants another war this summer. But then, we said the same thing this time last year before Operation Protective Edge.

Shimon Peres holding a news conference outside the Prime Minister's Office, July 1985.

The day Israeli capitalism was born

Thirty years ago, Israel extricated itself from socialism to become the capitalist country we know today.

Idit Fishbein, 88, with sister Gina, 93, fight for common-law status

Elderly sisters fight to be recognized as a 'couple'

After spending their whole lives together, the Fishbein sisters want common-law partner status.