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    • Hubal
    • 23.09.07 | 19:09 (IST)

    "Israel withdrew from Gaza as an incentive for peace with the arabs' BJ No they didn't. Had they have wanted to they would have done so as part of an overall settlement with the Palestinians. As it is they have done so ONLY in order to cement their position in the West Bank. I'm not sure you can find support for this statement in your favoured sources at Wikipedia! But I can cite for you eminent academic Baruch Kimmerling who made perfectly clear that the whole excercise apart from relieving the IDF from a great burden and the Israeli taxpayer from an even greater one, was designed to show that if Israel had to undergo such great trauma in evicting a few thousands how much greater the trauma of evicting many tens or hundreds of thousands from the W.Bank. "Rockets are still being fired into Israel, despite an agreement that hostilities would cease from Gaza... " BJ Wrong again. I should charge you for this education, but anyhow. Hamas offered a full ceasefire/truce if Israel would reciprocate in the W. Bank. Israel of course refused. Hamas did however allow the actual withdrawal to proceed without attempting any attacks. Neither you or I, although you pretend to, have the vaguest notion of why Israel didn`t go along with the `71 "Offer".. BJ You don’t seem to, but then your general comprehension of the whole conflict appears to come straight out of the Israeli foreign office guide for the perplexed. "Unlike yourself, I have been there, I doubt if you ever have or ever will be"...BJ Never has a single post been wrong on so many counts! "Better yet, make the trip, then get back to me...Until you have done so, and can discuss it from hands on experience, let`s remain out of touch.. ".BJ How about you get an education which extends beyond Google, and then you get in touch? "One thing I did notice from your mail, you neglected to mention where you`re writing from.. Any reason for concealing it??? " No reason at all. I did answer the same question on the Syrian IAF issue talkback today. However I have left certain clues whereby you should be able to hazard a decent guess. I think you need to practice with your deductive reasoning so go ahead and work it out.LOL.

    from the article: Israel bars students from leaving Gaza at last minute
    First published 00:00 20.09.07 | Last updated 00:00 20.09.07
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