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    • Roo
    • 12.01.10 | 02:00 (IST)

    "What Cast lead did was force Eygpt to first admit there was smuggling and now they are building a wall to stop it completely..." Retrofitting objectives [imaginary objectives about getting Egypt to build a wall by embarking on Cast Lead] in order to fit the present picture is not at all convincing. This was never an aim of the Israelis in embarking on Cast Lead. Hint; Egypt has been co operating with Israel on the siege since it began. It even requested more troops to find the tunnels, but Israel was reluctant to breach the Sinai peace treaty limitations. Israel and Egypt simply did not consider this option seriously until now, probably for economic and technical reasons. In any case do you really expect the wall to stop tunneling? If it does not do so completely is one to assume another decade or so of siege and if so at what point will the diplomatic fallout of such a strategy finally render it unacceptable. Before or after al Queda affiliates and hardliners prosper at Hamas and Fatahs expense? No, it seems to me you can not have your cake and eat it. "Cast Lead worked". How? "Egypt will build a wall and so in some unspecified future Hamas will give up or beg Fatah to take over". Cast Lead is not the cause of the wall and the wall may or may not [probably not]prove to be the undoing of Hamas. In *either* case, it does not indicate that Cast Lead was a success or not a success. It is simply irrelevant. "Go and ask the residents of sderot if cast lead has reduced the Rockets comming in.." As already pointed out to you, the rockets have been reduced but not by nearly as much as during the ceasefire. So it can not logically be regarded as having even been a primary goal.[since a ceasefire is much cheaper both economically and diplomatically than a Cast Lead]. You also totally ignored the diplomatic fallout in your posts, even after prompting. In reality Israel greatly underestimated this and this MUST be considered in any rational assessment. For a more sound analysis of Cast Lead see Uri Avnery:

    from the article: Israel needs to rethink its Gaza strategy before it's too late
    First published 02:27 11.01.10 | Last updated 09:30 11.01.10
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Palestinian Hamas militants march in front of a mock burnt Israeli bus during an anti-Israel rally
Tensions in Gaza are rising as Israel gains edge over Hamas tunnels

Hamas is under pressure twice over, from both the worsening domestic situation in the Strip and the militant organization potentially losing its main threat against Israel.

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Obama meets with Netanyahu in the Oval office of the White House, Washington D.C., November 9, 2015.
New U.S.-Israel military aid deal stalled over size and scope of new package

Israel wants guaranteed funding for missile defense projects, while U.S. wants to phase out authorization for Israel to buy Israeli-made weapons and supplies with American security aid.

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Women's protest in Jerusalem - Michal Fattal - December 23 2011
Controversy rages over Orthodox edict against female singers at memorial ceremonies

Women increasingly told they cannot sing at public events in order not to insult religious sensibilities.

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