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    • Ben Gurion
    • 10.11.05 | 17:27 (IST)

    As Yossi Beilin understands so well, Israel's vital interests are understood by Israelis best. Israel must promote its own desired plan for its future, and not let the US administartion or any other international body push it in directions they consider positive. This is true today, when the present US administration is the most incompetent in recent memory - and is seen this way by the majority of Americans, but it was also true in the past. While the US administrations of Papa Bush and Clinton were playing with the Madrid peace conference which led nowhere, Israel finally pursued secret negotiations directly with the PLO, which led to the breakthrough of Oslo. The negotiations were conducted behind the US back. And Clinton was clever enough to jump on the band wagon and arrange the signing to take place in Washington. Another independent action was negotiating the Geneva Accords. The Israeli side had to deviate from the "Clinton parameters", but agreement was achieved. The US was not involved. I think the concept of negotiating a "private" agreement, like the Geneva Accords, in order to prove in principle the possibility to reach an agreement, is truely novel and impressive. Beilin is the most talented statesman that Israel has today. Yossi Beilin has also shown interest in social issues and in religion and state issues. (Beilin negotiated with the moderate orthodox Memad a covenant on how Church and State should work out in Israel.) Yossi, please don't waste your talents in the fringe group that is Meretz. They don't appreciate you enough and will just hold you back out of influence. Return to Labor. It is a new day today in Labor. The Generals, and Peres, are out. The self-serving people who pushed you out of the party are defeated. I call on Peretz to offer Beilin a safe seat on Labor's Knesset list, such as second place. (As head of Meretz, Yossi Beilin is guaranteed a seat in the next Knesst. This is no favor, then.) Yossi, you can help Peretz a great deal. Become his mentor in foreign affairs and statesmanship. And if Peretz fails to become the next PM, which is very likely, you Yossi will be in a position to take over the country after the 2010 elections. Yossi, Israel needs your talents. Don't waste them in the fringes.

    from the article: Don't count on America
    First published 00:00 10.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.11.05
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