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Shin Bet, one step ahead of Hamas coup

Israeli security service may have evidence indicating that Hamas operative Riad Nasser really was planning to overthrow PA, even though he denied it.

Livni, Ya'alon get in shouting match over peace talks

Argument took place at cabinet meeting last week; Kerry decided against coming to Israel after realizing neither Netanyahu nor Abbas are interested in talks.

Syrian government forces battle rebel fighters, near the Quneitra border crossing.
Upsetting the Golan Druze apple cart at Quneitra

The capture by rebel forces of the border crossing between Syria and Israel's Golan Heights jeopardizes apple exports and the passage to Damascus of Druze college students.

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Amharic lessons in Petah Tikvah, August 27, 2014.
Working like Zionist pioneers, to save Amharic

Many Ethiopians living in Israel are unable to read or write Amharic, driving fears that the language may become locally extinct.

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