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    • jpmorgan
    • 23.08.11 | 14:12 (IDT)

    This article is full of conclusions without even an attempt to put forth real factual support. I have followed Beck for many years and although some of his opinions and theories are not my cup of tea, you would be hard pressed to find a more sincere and caring supporter of the State of Israel. The single largest pool of support for Israel in the USA are Evangelical Christians (though not all of them). Some have messianic pretensions but you know, as an Orthodox jew, I believe the "real" Moshiach will come and show them the light as well. So long as we have mutual respect and freedom of thought and religion that is fine with me. Their support for Israel is a mixture of religious motivation and true love for a strong democratic western liberal democracy - a soul mate if you will - to the Jefferson/Adams,/Washington/Madison democratic epiphany which has offered redemption to mankind since 1776. i for one return love and respect with the same. i do not have to agree with every political opinion of Beck to thank him from the bottom of my soul for his friendship. Shame on those US Jews who return friendship with scorn and slander and hysterical conspiracy nonsense. Shame on US Jews from the radical left who care more about their leftist credentials than their love and responsibility for their endangered brethren in israel. Shame on them for their arrogance and self riteous know it all attitude to anyone who disagrees with them. Welcome to Israel Glenn Beck. have a wonderful visit, bring as many of your family, friends and supporters as you can and G-d bless. BTW enuf with the canard that FOX fired Beck. Beck has established a revolutionary new pay as you go media outlet which will likely be enormously successful, both politically and financially and left FOX by his choice and their regret. Slander and lies are a pathetic tactic to use for your left leaning politically agenda..

    from the article: With friends like Glenn Beck...
    First published 03:26 23.08.11 | Last updated 03:26 23.08.11
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