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    • Gilles
    • 03.05.05 | 18:44 (IDT)

    Am I the only one tired of hearing the argument being made that Israel's possession of nuclear arms is no less dangerous than Iran's? Or that Iran has as much right as Israel to possess them? When was the last time you heard anyone in Israel with territorial designs on Iran? When was the last time anyone in Israel claimed that Iran - as a country, not only the regime - was an illegitimate entity in the Middle East that had to be destroyed no matter what? For decades, much of the Arab and Muslim world has been calling not for a change of this or that Israeli policy but for its disappearance from the political map of the Middle East. And, for all of Israel's military might, 6 million Israelis against hundreds of millions of Arabs and Moslems is a conflict the horrors of which one could hardly imagine. You then wonder why Israel has concerns about Iran (of all regimes) getting its hands on a doomsday weapon? What am I saying? Nobody could be so stupid as to be surprised by this Israeli stance. The real reason why Israel's worries cause so much feigned indignation in certain circles lies with the underlying motive among those same people: they relish the thought of Israel being threatened in a very real way with destruction and - let's be honest here - probably wouldn't mind having the "privilege" of seeing it happen during their lifetime. But of course, it's so much more fashionable to claim that it's merely a question of evening things out a bit, of not letting the Jews do things that others can't. How poorly you conceal what you're made of. For too long, Jews have learned all too well that counting on others to defend them doesn't work. Israel will not allow any regime - rogue theocracy or any other - to threaten the existence of its citizens (Jews and Arabs alike) and will take the steps needed to ensure its survival. And for those well-intentioned souls who think this is another example of Israel crying foul at every turn, I suggest they relocate to Israel for a little while if and when the mullahs get their hands on nuclear-tipped missiles. It's all too easy to sit back and watch from afar (not unlike the days leading up to the Six-Day War)when an entire country feels threatened with destruction. It's quite different when you have to live it yourself.

    from the article: In the role of the rottweiler
    First published 00:00 03.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 03.05.05
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