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    • A TRUE peace seaker
    • 03.05.13 | 10:01 (IDT)

    I just learned about a group of animal activists that broke into a university campus and freed all these mice and other animals. They must have had great satisfaction to do this, but did it occur to them that their actions would directly result in the mass slaughter of many of these animals after that? Intentions are intentions. Derived results are derived results. It is the latter that matters. Perhaps if BDS,the UN, the EU, Turkey, the USA, the Arab Block, Iran, Al Qaeda, and Hizbolla would stay out of Israel's and the Palestinian's affairs, a striking and most glaringly obvious reality on the ground would become visible - Israel and the Palestinians need to enter bilateral communications and need to come to a bilateral agreement. No one else matters. Nothing else matters. What the Turks say, the Russians say, the Americans say, the Saudis say the EU says...etc. is all irrelevant. International intervention only confuses and confounds our problems here. International interventions, often with good intentions (and sometimes not), only make the situation here in Israel and the Palestinian territories worse. Mahmoud Abbas has done a great deal of damage to the PA's chances of coming to a peace agreement with Israel - he has refused to meet with Netenyahu since his becoming Israeli PM two elections ago. He has slapped impossible preconditions for meeting with Netenyahu that no Israeli PM in Israel's history would would/could agree to, and then has pointed his finger in rage that Israel is not interested in peace. One may correctly or incorrectly predict that Abbas meeting with Netenyahu is a useless waste of time, that Netenyahu is not a true partner for peace, but how can one fairly and honestly take sides in a hypothetical set of disagreements between two peoples over peace talks that are not happening? The truth is that as a result of the Oslo meetings, more than 95% of a final status agreement has been put in place. No matter which Israeli or Palestinian government is in power there will never be digression from this major understanding. Neither Abbas nor Netenyahu nor who will eventually replace them will/can change this. BDS is falling into the same trap as most of the rest of the world - their perceived good intentions are only making things worse. Abbas's approach to gain support via the UN if anything is getting us closer to a new Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and those of us living here in the region can "smell" that a new conflict is unfortunately brewing. After all the pain and damaged caused, at least will this precipitate a future peace deal or set us back at least another 20 years? The answer is obvious to anyone brave enough to look at the facts. A future conflict at "best" for the Palestinians (many would call this "at worst") will result in Israel unilaterally disengaging from the PA for less than 95% of the territory they would have got may negotiation, will result in constant continuing, chronic conflict, the mushrooming of terrorism in the West Bank their attacks upon central Israeli targets (IE: Tel Aviv and the surrounds) , and then of course extremely aggressive countermeasures taken by Israel. Lots of blood. Lots of misery. We are moving in this direction. And this is likely to become a chronic scenario that will last for decades. Is this what BDS and the UN really want for our future?

    from the article: The Israel boycotters are the right wing’s useful idiots
    First published 02:49 03.05.13 | Last updated 02:49 03.05.13
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