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    • zionist forever
    • 26.01.12 | 16:36 (IST)

    I don't understand why the left think Bargouti is the palestinian Mandela because he is nothing of the sort, he is a murderer and he tells western politicians one thing and his arab audience something else. Mandela committed acts of terror but nothing on the scale of Bargouti and the main reason he was imprisoned was because of his political beliefs Bargouti was imprisoned for acts of terror ( in an independent civilian court not a military tribunal ). When Arafat went to Camp David Bargouti was even more hardline than Arafat and told him to push for the UN proposed border of 1947 which would have given them 45% of mandate Palestine rather than the 1967 border which is 22%. Bargouti is not going to compromise on Jerusalem, settlements or right of return. Since being in prison this palestinian Bargouti was involved in drafting the Prisoners Document and in it he says that violent resistance ( terror ) must always be an option. Right now Bargouti is just looking for a get out of jail free card and he wants to be heard because he knows that providing Abbas doesn't call them off again there will be elections in May and he wants to generate enough support amongst the west and Israeli left to pressure Bibi into releasing him. What the palestinians need now is somebody who entered politics after oslo ( wasn't with Arafat during his revolutionary days ) and only had a low level position during the Arafat years so that way they are less likely to be tainted by Arafat ideology and have attitudes that are more inline with politicians than revolutionaries because revolutionaries have dedicated their life to an ideal and so they don't want to compromise on that ideal otherwise it seems like all those years fighting for an ideal was a waste of time. A politician thinks of his record here and now and understands that they need to be realists rather than idealists and to be a realist you need to deal with the current situation and put everything else to the back of your mind and if that means you making concessions as well as the other side then you make them rather than make uncompromising preconditions. Get the palestinians a post Arafat leader and we will see real progress, Bargouti is just another Arafat but he tells everybody what they want to hear so they think he is Mandela.

    from the article: In rare court appearance, Marwan Barghouti calls for a peace deal based on 1967 lines
    First published 14:30 26.01.12 | Last updated 14:30 26.01.12
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