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    • Kim from Melbourne
    • 20.09.05 | 03:23 (IDT)

    The point you seem to missing Barbara and have not responded too is that 4 times as many INNOCENT Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces as israelis have been killed and 10 times as many Palestinians wounded as compared to Israel. The loss of human life is tragic whether Israeli or Palestinian, but the problem is for zionist like yourself the loss of Palestinian life does not even rate (as your response to the news article shows). I have been to the Occupied Territories and lived there for many, many months and I have seen first hand what the Israeli police and military do in the name of zionism and Israel - have you? I have seen the houses demolished with innocent Palestinian occupants inside (yes, a family of 9 was murdered in Nablus in 2002 by the Israeli bulldozers). I have seen soldiers beat Palestinians for no reason and I have met the parents who have lost their children to Israeli sniper bullets (children who were playing in their back yards or in their school rooms studying). I have met Palestinian women tortured - yes, tortured - in Israeli prisons and cried with them as they recount the horror of what was done to them. I have seen young Palestinian girls humiliated and sexually harassed by soldiers, while their brothers and fathers are forced to stand by and do nothing because they know if they try to do something they will be beaten or worse killed. And I have seen the soldiers get away with it because the people they are abusing are not Jews, but "dirty arabs" (yes, I have soldiers say that to me) I know what its like to try and travel less then 50 kilometres to visit friends and for that journey to take more then 5 hours (and 7 vehicles to complete) as I have travelled on the Palestinian buses which have to traverse Israeli checkpoints every few kilometres and the Palestinians occupants simply trying to get home are made to get out every single time and present their IDS and be searched. So Barbara is you want to see human misery, then come to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and see what "most moral army" in the world is capable off. And if you value all human life and not just Jewish life, then what you will see will make you sick to your stomach.

    from the article: No officers to face charges for October riots as ministry closes investigations
    First published 00:00 19.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.09.05
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