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    • * BEN JABO
    • 01.10.07 | 20:34 (IST)

    The bare basics: There is no Palestinian culture, language, nor cuisine. There has never been a land called "Palestine" ruled by "Palestinians." There has never been a Palestinian president or Prime Minister or government or military. This whole notion of there being a Palestine is a recent and false invention, based on lies and violence, with NO intention for peaceful co-existence with Israel, or any other nation who won't kowtow to them. Since the 1880's, it was the Jewish pioneers who began to redeem the land, Israel, from wilderness. Only thereafter, did the Arabs come from other lands to benefit from what the Jews built and try to take it away from them. If anyone really wants peace with Israel, they MUST recognize Israel's existence, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is. . All right - let's leave the Hebrew Bible out of it and stick to modern day facts. If Arab hatred toward Israel is based on their love and support for their Palestinian brethren and their wanting to have their own state, where were those concerns before modern-day Israel? Why didn't they rise up and speak out when the Kingdom of Jordan temporarily ruled the area? Why didn't the Arab world and the United Nations call on Jordan to stop occupying Palestinian land? Fact is, the Palestinian people didn't exist until 1967, LONG AFTER Israel became a state. Prior to that they were just Arabs belonging to different Arab nations. Any Arab born in Israel after 1948 is technically an Israeli, whether they be Arab, Jew, Christian, or Druze. IF THE ARAB AND MUSLIM NATIONS REALLY CARE ABOUT WANTING PEACE AND HELPING THEIR 'BRETHREN,' WHY HASN'T ANY OF THEM STOPPED THE KILLING, AND OFFERED THE MILLIONS OF EMPTY ACRES OF LAND THEY HAVE FOR A PALESTINIAN HOMELAND? The entire problem can be solved if only they would do so. BUT, the majority do not have a consciousness that is evolved enough for respect for other cultures, or peace and compassion. Nor do they want the "Palestinians" in their lands. Furthermore, if the Palestinians are all suffering so much under Israel (as they claim to be), and that they have no choice but to become suicide murderers and use whatever weapons they have against Israel, why is it that NOT ONE NON-MUSLIM Palestinian has resorted to this and yet they live in the same place? And there are quite a number of Christian Palestinians who do not resort to terrorism. Here is the highest goal for Palestinians.

    from the article: Syria: Israel is spreading false reports in order to justify war
    First published 00:00 29.09.07 | Last updated 00:00 29.09.07
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