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    • 31.08.12 | 21:03 (IDT)

    Recently, Iranians have been destined to experience paralyzing sanctions, and their emergency needs such as drug, food and raw material for production are in great threat due to lack of foreign exchange. Apart from political issues, no people in any nation want to tolerate such sanctions, and so do Iranians. Moreover, Iran's President’s verbal criticism of Zionism (such as Israel is an insult to humanity, or Israel should be demolished) is sometimes conflated in some western and Israeli media as evidence of military threat; this is one reason for Israel to propose the plan of attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, while these words are merely a kind of expressing Iran’s policy toward the Palestinians and objection toward the act of Israel occupying Palestine in an exaggerated way. Similarly, actions such as developing weapons like ballistic missiles in Iran do not mean that Iran wants to start a new war against Israel. Meanwhile, Iran still wishes to continue with talks to solve the problem. Iran's nuclear power has no harm to Israel and US national security as long as they have nothing to do with Iran in terms of military action. The US accuses Iran of "violating international obligations" because of its nuclear program. But what are “international obligations”? Moreover, is it the duty of US to uphold such obligations? Today, Iraq has bombs exploding frequently. This lack of security is only good for the country claiming the purpose of upholding stability and security with some sort of justification, and in fact, sometimes taking advantage of it for its own purposes. Apart from all these, the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not forgotten. Considering the recent justification for the case of Iran, it is evident that Iran has signed the NPT, but Israel has not signed it and has never let the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspect their facilities. We know that the US Congress declared on June 26 that Iran may not at all be in violation with the NPT, neither has the U.N. Security Council ever declared Iran to be in violation. It’s a pity that Islamic countries are always feared as axes of terrorism in the world. Iran is not the first of such countries, and shall not be the last, as we see what goes on in Myanmar these days. Still, the US administration has done wise in trying to stop the attack, and in some ways trying to step back a bit, while the US media - under an influence from the Israeli media - is preparing people with the thought that they’re going to war, and is trying to justify this war. Because people of the US are brainwashed to hate Iran, there’s urgent need from outside the US stop this. So, addressing UK government, please urge the US officials and candidates to stop supporting Israel for an attack on Iran nuclear sites, and stop intensifying sanctions; addressing US officials and candidates, please stop Israeli officials from talking of such an attack, and stop the US media from pushing people’s minds to imminent war. With great respect, please read and sign the 2 petitions below, if you agree with what I say (and please FBshare and tweet):

    from the article: Despite talk of Iran strike, Israel may be banking on an exit strategy
    First published 12:48 31.08.12 | Last updated 12:48 31.08.12
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