Assad was the love of the left who never thought of the impact on the economy or military - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 08.03.13 | 18:14 (IST)

    The palestinian issue is very complicated whilst for Syria there are fewer complications so the left want to make a deal with Syria the priority because even if no progress is made on the palestinian front they can get a treaty we don't need with Syria and claim a victory. Barak came close to doing a deal with Hafez Assad but backed out because there were elections coming and giving up the Golan was not a vote winner so he backed out. Sharon said from the start no deals on the Golan, Syria was also part of Americas axis of evil so Bush had no desire to push Sharon on it. Olmert came close to doing a deal with Bashar Assad by surrendering to every demand Assad made .. surrender not negotiate. Before he could do a deal Bibi & Obama came to power. Obama made the palestinians top priority not Syria so there was never any real pressure to do any deals with Assad. Next thing you know Syria is in the middle of a civil war and not even the far left in Israel is saying give the Golan now. Once this civil war is over I imagine there will be plenty of the left who will start saying give up the Golan as a goodwill gesture show Israel wants peace but there will be no public support for the idea. All those leftist who want to give up the Golan for a treaty we don't need because Syria is no military threat, wasn't before the civil war certainly won't be afterwards should as themselves HOW WILL IT BE PAID FOR? To move the 30,000+ Jews from the Golan will cost hundreds of millions if not billions, where will they all go many of the 8000 who left their homes in Gaza 8 years ago still are not living in permanent accommodation. The loss of income from all those businesses related to the Golan in one form to another will also cost billions and it will affect not just business owners but income to the state from lost exports. Where is all that money going to come from ... not going to get it all from the military budget or going after evil tycoons, its going to mean taxes going up across the board so people on the left and right will be personally financing the treaty we don't need. The army liked Assad because he was the predictable enemy we all knew, the army knew what made him tick what weapons he had so they could prepare for all eventualities but in a post Assad era we will no longer have that luxury.

    from the article: Israel's favorite Arab dictator of all is Assad
    First published 02:30 29.03.11 | Last updated 02:30 29.03.11
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