Ash: Thank you for taking on these ISM propagandists- They never argue with facts only lies - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Melanie
    • 19.04.05 | 03:26 (IDT)

    Ash, thank you for taking the time to try to counter all this Propaganda from posts on this message Board, but you must know who you are dealing with and why they keeep repeating the same lies. Claire, David and Yaakov are ISM members, who are members of an Anti-Israel venemous Cult ISM. They spend ALL of their time promoting the "palestinian cause", and demonizing Jews, Israel, the IDF, Settlers on their Websites and Palestinian and International Intefadah Web Sites. They twist, obfuscate, lie, fabricate, slander,anything to prevent Palestinian Arabs from ever abiding by agreements and truly give up terror as a methods to destroy Israel and stop killing Jews. They travel to Palestinian villages in the Summer to incite hatred among Palestinian kids toward the IDF and Jewish "Settlers", they incite hatred so that its easy for the terror groups to recruit "Shaheeds"- duped PA kids to blow themselves up to kill Israeli border guards and "settlers". They encourage PA youth to stand around armed Hamas and Fatah terrorists so that if they are hurt in the crossfire they can blame Israel and use them as fodder for more anti-Israeli propaganda. Jews are not allowed in PA areas, so they completely lie about "harrassment" by "settlers" of Palestinian "women". In Hebron, in particular, Jews are not allowed in the enourmously large PAlestinian Hebron areas, so Palestinian Arabs go near the Tiny Jewish enclave, for no reason whatsoever, since they have no reason to go near that teeny tiny Jewish area[LOOK AT A MAP TO SEE HOW HUGE THE PA HEBRON IS], and bait the Jews, and walk near Jewish homes with ISM to stir up trouble to use as fodder for anti-Israel propaganda. Palestinians going near the Jewish settlers in Hebron, would be like you having a sprawling mansion, but insisting on only bothering the maids who live in the top most tiny attic and making believe your mansion wasn't there, only the attic. They are pathological in their hatred toward Settlers in particular, because since Israel gave so much territory and full autonomy to the Palestinians under Oslo, they needed another excuse to keep up the murderous terror, and now "settlers" became the rationalization to kill Jews. The ISM will NEVER acknowledge the FACT that The Palestinians got all Palestinian Arab areas of Gaza, the West Bank and the Shomron under Oslo, and all Palestinians live under full autonomy of the PA, not Israel, hence the PA elections, for example. There are Palestinian Arab villages all over Israel. The "checkpoints" that exist are ONLY OUTSIDE and BETWEEN PA cities, where suicide bombers have entered Israel to slaughter people- they are there because of Palestinian suicide bombers, but the ISM won't blame suicide bombers, they blame, you guessed it - Jewish homeowners "settlers". Now they want the JEWISH neighborhoods in Israel, but they don't want to get rid of the terrorists, so they malign Settlers.

    from the article: There's no partner
    First published 00:00 18.04.05 | Last updated 00:00 18.04.05
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