as long as we mistakenly define these people as refugees peace will never be possible - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 20.09.10 | 11:55 (IST)

    Refugee status is not something you inherit. A refugee is the individual who leaves their home their children and grandchildren are not refugees in their own right. Every other refugee group in the world is dealt with by the UNHCR and they try to resettle the refugees as soon as possible and they do not say how the refugees have a right of return. Their job is find the individual refugee a new home where they will be safe job done. Palestinians are the only group in the world to have their own organization thats there to deal with their cause exclusivly ( UNRWA ) and UNRWA is the only UN body that officially endorses right of return. My grandparents were refugees from Austria during the war, they lost their homes and everything. Does this make me an Austrian refugee and if I demand it will the UN or Austrian government endorse my right of return because my grandparents once lived there? I would be laughed at and told I am not a refugee and I do not have a right of return. Palestinian thinking is a pregnant woman is pregnant with a refugee and her unborn refugee has a right to return to the home in Israel that its great grandparents lived in before 1948. The amazing thing is they have so much support for this idea they are all refugees with right of return from people worldwide. Today the youngest palestinian refugee would be 62 years old so why do we keep calling them all refugees and supporting right of return? If the palestinians want a right of return how about this as a compromise if your a real refugee ( age 62 and over ) then you and your adult partner have a right of return but not your adult children and grandchildren. Considering at that age the refugees will be dying rather than breeding I think even the most hardline Israelis would be happy to allow those refugees a right of return. Until somebody tells the palestinians straight YOUR NOT REFUGEES & HAVE NO RIGHT OF RETURN then we will never make progress. Any palestinian leader who agreed to give up this mythical right of return Israel will never agree to would be considered a traitor and no agreement they made would be accepted. Unless the western and arab worlds stand united and say no right of return full stop then the ideology is not going to die and whist the US might agree to take 100,000 Israel will not be as generous.

    from the article: Olmert: Bush offered to absorb 100,000 Palestinian refugees if peace deal reached
    First published 19:34 19.09.10 | Last updated 22:34 19.09.10
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