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    • Jeremy Slavin
    • 30.05.05 | 14:28 (IDT)

    The Palestinians, in addition to supporting terror attacks and teaching their children the virtues of violence, have failed to demonstrate as well with their pronouncements denying a Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem any sense of entitlement to any part of Jerusalem. The world, Israel, the region, etc. are better off with a Jerusalem united in fact if not in sentiment under Israeli sovereignty, as this is the only assurance that Jews, Christians as well as Muslims will have free access to holy sites within the Old City and around the area - as demonstrated by history in the era of the Jordanian occupation of east Jerusalem and the Old City, when Jews, Christians and others from Israel were by and large restricted from visiting their holy sites in violation of a previous armistice agreement. Do we need to bring up the use of headstones by Jordanians to build a highway as well? If that isn't enough, that Palestinian terrorists have in Jerusalem deliberately targeted innocent Jews, Christians, Arabs and Muslims with their indiscriminate murderous attacks made in the name of national-religious Palestinian Arab nationalism speaks more of their disrespect for this city and those who reside as free-thinking, free-worshipping residents in it. It would be immoral to redivide this city a la the pre-Six Day War arrangement or the Berlin division. The Palestinians think they are entitled to this bit of land or that holy site, but no country was ever handed to a people on a silver platter. The Palestinian Authority and to a lesser degree a good portion of the Palestinian Arabs - by misusing the land that was given to them in the Oslo Accords in order to conduct the war which has cost so many lives on both sides, by teaching hate and intolerance and practicing it as well - have yet to earn any right to any land or portion of a city to which they lay their claim to. Jews had to wait over 2,000 years to earn the right to exercise the level of Jewish control of Jerusalem that they had over the city in, say, King David or King Solomon's time. Israel and world Jewry have every right to claim all of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and we have by and large earned the right to be the sole holder of sovereignty over the area's holy sites. Jerusalem was Jewish long before the Arab League invented "love for Palestine" as a ploy to deny the Jews' right to self-determination in their ancient homeland. They launched war in 1948, they forced war in 1956 and 1967, they launched war again in 1973, they launched war again in 2000. Every drop of innocent blood that has been shed in Jerusalem in the name of "Palestine" is a reason never to divide this city again.

    from the article: Analysis / Israel completing capital's borders with walls
    First published 00:00 29.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 29.05.05
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