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Nepal PM says death toll could reach 10,000

LIVE UPDATES: Haaretz's Yaniv Kubovich reporting from the ground; Israelis report violence at stranded locales; health authorities fear outbreak of diseases at affected areas.

Mortars from Syria strike open areas in north Israel

Errantly fired mortars land near Ein Zivan kibbutz in Golan Heights, following days of escalated tensions along Israel-Syria border.

After Saudis' Yemen op, Iran can relax

The on-again, off-again campaign, supported by Arab countries, has shown that Tehran is not facing a military threat in Yemen or in Damascus.

Podcast: The Shabby Shenanigan of Shimon Shilling

The Promised Podcast: We discuss the behavior of former PM and President Shimon Peres; learning to love Israel's culture wars, and celebrating Israel in the age of ambivalence.