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    • zmogus (Vilnius/Paris)
    • 31.08.10 | 13:38 (IDT)

    You are full of idees reçues based on the 19th c. social Darwinism and scientism, roughly recycled to fit your feel-good overview of the "Jewish" messianic element in the "Universal" history, all in 320 words. Of course, the fact that back then precisely these ideas used to serve as foundation for the ontological anti-semitism doesn't make you less proud of espousing them. Your "contribution to civilization" theory and "gift of monotheism" is a vastly simplified inversion of Hegel's scenario of history. Perhaps the fact that this historicist inversion of Hellenic-based view of history is advocated by a legion of other scientifically illiterate Jewish commentators and that it dates back to the 19th c. proto-Zionists Graetz, Krochmal and Hess somewhat attenuates your breathtaking ignorance: you are surely not alone. You have no clue of what scientific implications the recent studies of the CMH allow for, and apparently have no idea of the identity political stakes behind the studies and groups of Skorecki & Co. The scientification of "Jewish" material or spiritual essence started before the contemporary genetics - look up for Ruppin's 'Sociology of Jews' or the pre-WWII Zionist programs eugenics. One is simply left dumbfound at your inferences like Jewish phylogenetic experience of pogroms. There's nothing more vulnerable to pogroms than the insular religious mentality and shtetl mode of life, supported by the outside subsidies, that still marks 18th-century-like Jewish communities surviving in Israel in the form of Meah Shearim. Nor it is clear why this phylogenetic "experience" did not preserve the Jews from massive perishing during the Holocaust. You might be a proud Jew and Zionist, but many Jews, Zionists and Israelis I know would blush reading such string of "scientific" facts chained together with nothing but oozing compensatory idea of Jewish supremacy. Perhaps you think that the profit pursuit of the town-dwelling Jewish bourgeois at the peak of Industrial epoch should somehow support or justify the territorialist politics of today's State of Israel, but for an educated person it's just not smart enough.

    from the article: 'Jewish gene' theories make waves in Germany, go unnoticed in Israel
    First published 01:46 31.08.10 | Last updated 01:46 31.08.10
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