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Be'er Sheva man wounded in heavy barrage

LIVE UPDATES: Rocket shrapnel strikes man in parking lot; Hamas executes 11 suspected informers; Iron Dome intercepts seven rockets; U.S. joins EU effort for UN Security Council resolution to end war.

How many civilians is a single militant worth?

Fully 76.8 percent of Palestinian fatalities have been civilians, according to Gazan human rights organization Mizan. The UN puts the figure at 71 percent. Israeli figures are much lower.

Targeted killings deal heavy blow to Hamas

Though the efficacy of targeted assassinations has been questioned in the past, it appears that with Thursday's killings Hamas has been thrown off balance for the first time.

Don't question the left's loyalty to Israel

What happened to the Israeli left, and where is it headed? An interview with former Meretz leader Haim Oron.