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    • Omar I B Nashshibi
    • 01.12.13 | 11:53 (IST)

    Both the book and the hyper eulogizing reviews it was met with do actually, though often tangentially, recognize the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people with the rise of Israel in Palestine. Though sometimes explicit, as for Lydda, it is more often implicit and circumferential couched in moral nuances and expressed in ambiguous terms and words that can express slight remorse as much as great joy and a sense of fulfillment. That they should rejoice in the realization of their dream is understandable that they should expect ”Palestinian understanding” is certainly not only unacceptable but is intrinsically insulting and demeaning. Palestinian Understanding would according to both book and reviews would amount to : a-Forgo home, homeland and legacy and b- Accept ongoing efforts and projects for the complete Judaization of ALL of Palestine c-Accept the consequent total de Arabization of Palestine through its Israelization d-Accept that Judaism as a nationality, religion and culture, shall efface then supplant the Arab nationalist/ Cultural identity of Palestine and concur to a secondary status, if at all, for Islam and Arab Christianity , e-Accept INDEFINETLY Israeli present military regional supremacy and the political and economic prowess that go with it region wise (Accept above could of course have been more appropriately replaced with the more correct SUCCUMB due to the present balance of power; I avoid the term hoping , against hope, that its absence will make it more publishable/’ publisher can remove that ) AS victors, both author and reviewers can ask and hope for whatever they want. What they missed in making such demands for “Palestinian Understanding” is what these demands actually boil down to and signify. These , I contend, boil down to an signify: 1-Acceptance of Jewish/Israeli racial and cultural superiority that presumes actually demands, acquiescence, submission and obedience 2-Acceptance of Arab, both Muslim and Christian, racial and cultural inferiority vis a vis Jews/Israel 3-Acquiessence to indefinite Israeli domination and/or leadership of the region 4-Relegation of Arab Muslim/ Christian culture into secondary status in its homeland 5-Conceding the triumph of Judaism over Islam in both worldly and spiritual affairs in its homeland It is not only that such demands are impossible to “oblige” but that they emanate from a woeful ignorance of Arab Culture, heritage, history and basic character and of the geopolitics of the region in which they are made!

    from the article: Tom Friedman tells Obama and Netanyahu: Read Ari Shavit's book
    First published 17:42 17.11.13 | Last updated 17:42 17.11.13
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