Are we to believe Mitchell about their progress...or media reports quoting various participants who are saying the opposite? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Giggles
    • 04.10.10 | 01:09 (IST)

    Is Mitchell's optimism just a gambit to buy time until after the mid-term elections for a possible 'bombshell' to be dropped by Obama, or are the media's naysayers working towards undermining the negotiations on behalf of the settlers, et al? Is Mitchell's purpose to relay optimism that actually exists, and their's perhaps to hide it in order to defuse right wing opposition to Netanyahu's efforts? Will Bibi become one of the greatest Israeli leaders of all time, or will he slip into obscurity as just another Israeli default - another false alarm who rode a wave of dishonest rhetoric and deceit? Will Obama win a second term to finish his ME goals, or will he soon begin working towards an imposed solution - and to hell with re-election? Will Abe Foxman ever pull his head out, or will it remain permanently imbedded? And what about Bibi's precious coalition? Will it crumble from the vibration of his constant oscillating, or will Israel continue its descent toward fascist apartheid? Does Palestinians destiny include their own state, living alongside Israel in a spirit of peace and cooperation - or will Hamas screw it all up for them? And what of Hamas? Will its head ever be extricated? And its charter? Will it ever to reflect recognition of Israel's right to exist...or will Israel ratify it just like it is? Do Meshal and Bibi become busom drinking buddies...or will they continue denying their shared parentage? What does the future hold for the land of hallowed fame? Will they deface and destroy it in His name to mainitain their biblical claim, or will HE, with brimstone and flame, for the shame and defame they've brought upon the Same? And its people? Will their hate ever wane, or will it grow ever darker in shade? Will peace ever know their embrace, or will it wither and fade until there's no trace? Will they come to savor its taste and the prosperity it will bring their way - or will it lay forever in waste, perpetually delayed while their games of deceit are played? surely do seem like I may have strayed and gotten a bit carried away when I only meant to say...stay tuned as this saga continues to one of the longest running soap opera dramas to date!

    from the article: Abbas: Peace talks at impasse, but we are searching for solution
    First published 17:42 03.10.10 | Last updated 17:42 03.10.10
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