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    • William
    • 19.09.05 | 13:02 (IDT)

    I won't go into the difference between Arabs and Israeli Jews. It's not productive and highly dubious anyway. I have many friends who are Arabs and they hate the Palestinians, Arafat, and the Intifada. The point is that many Arabs here are trying to bring up the double-standard they view against them. Why were they rioting in the first place? #6 and #8 made the distinction clear - to foil the response of Israel to the Intifada, AND (this is important) to show support for the Palestinians who declared themselves an ENEMY of Israel. This group of people can hardly be compared to the Jews during disengagement with Gaza. Only a few instances of violence towards the IDF and Police erupted there, but not one person ever denounced Israel as a Jewish State or its right to exist. Here, we have Arabs that rioted against the State (not the first time might I add) and did so with intent to harm - they threw stones, firebombs, and over-whelmed a small police force. History shows how violent an unruly Arab mob can be - The Lynching of IDF reserve soldiers in Ramallah, The recent attack on a Christian town by neighboring Muslims in the West Bank, and the list goes on. I don't condone the use of bullets, especially rubber which doesn't work well - but this was 5 years ago. Tear gas, and other methods of crowd dispersal should have been used instead - and indeed the lessons are learned now. However, by trying to equate rioting Arabs who have sworn allegience with an enemy of the State, with Jews who were angry because they were fighting for the State, is a far stretch. Even the supposed Arab MKs in the Kenesset has done little more than attack the State from the inside, attempt to extract monies, broken laws by constantly visiting enemy States and announcing his support for the Palestinians, and keep the image of the "battered Arab" alive. Name once when they have ever tried to bridge the gap between these two peoples for the benefit of the State - which he is in the best position to do - an Arab law-maker sitting on the ruling body of a Jewish State - and he squanders a perfect opportunity, just like his brethren. To you Arabs - you should never be allowed to throw a rock, start a fight, create a riot, then go to National Insurance and demand money for getting hurt. Jews shouldn't be allowed either. Personal responsibility!

    from the article: No officers to face charges for October riots as ministry closes investigations
    First published 00:00 19.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.09.05
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