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    • sami abu ismail
    • 03.11.11 | 18:52 (IST)

    It looks that Israel is bored and needs a war. Daily attacks, killing and wounding Palestinians and destroying their maigre resources is not what satisfy Israel. Not even constant provocations in the North where Israel flies over lebanon and Syria unopposed, are reasons to keep its military busy. Israel wants to push the western powers, the US in particular to bomb Iran or to assist it to take the risk. Arab Gulf States would be the big losers and they will foot the bill. They car barely survive since they have no resources and have to import every thing. Water and electricty come from desalination palnts which are vulnerable. Iraq volunteered to invade Iran just when the revolution toppled the Shah. Saddam was paid for by Gulf States and the West was happy to see Muslims killing each other and annihilating their limited resources. Iraq was almost defeated but the West tipped the balance and allowed an end to that disastrous war. This time, the game is bigger. Arabs have every interest to stay outside and not be involved in any way. They should close US and western bases in their countries and do not provide any help to Israel and the West. Arabs have allowed Nato to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, History will haunt Arab dictatorial regimes who helped Arab and Muslim enemies to re-colonise them again. At the end of the day, if the US sees Arabs reluctance and even hostility to go into a new adventure, the attack Iran fever would cool down. The west is ruined economically and cannot afford a new war. The West has gained nothing from its Irak and afghanistan invasions. Israel is better rethink and reverse its whole policies in reaction to Arab uprisings . Israel must seek its acceptance in the region, and not its repulsion.

    from the article: Haaretz poll: 80% of Israelis believe Iran strike will lead to war with Hamas, Hezbollah
    First published 14:02 03.11.11 | Last updated 14:02 03.11.11
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