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    • Tosefta
    • 20.10.07 | 15:45 (IST)

    11. "A man wielding an aluminum baseball bat attacked an Orthodox Jewish rabbi walking to synagogue last week, critically injuring the 53-year-old man and threatening to strain the already tense ethnic relations in a New Jersey city. . Witnesses told police they saw an African-American man walk by Moskowitz and without saying a word turn on the rabbi, beating him in the head and body with the baseball bat." - Haaretz I was not too sympathetic towards the fearful orthodox community of Lakewood: "the attack was cruel but we actually don`t know (from the article) if it was a hate crime or not. The attacker might have been a Black anti-Semite or just a crazyman without any particular motive. There is a larger question here, though. How should the community react? If they react with fear of antisemites I have little sympathy for them. Population statistics show that there are over 5 Jews to every Black. If they are fearful, let them live in some desert or go to Israel. If they show any initiative, they can take care of themselves. One of the least compelling cases I have ever heard of." - Tosefta But Danite would not let any questions about the nature of the attack be expressed: "According to tosefta the motives of somebody walking around with a bat and who choses a jew out of all potential targets, thses motives are "not clear" to tosefta." - Danite Funny, but the article did not describe any supposed "choice" the attacker made. Did he even have a choice, or did he happen to be walking in a Jewish neighborhood in that segregated town and only had Jews as potential victims? We see another aspect of Danite the paranoid Jewish Apologist here. Danite does not pay attention to details; he can`t, his mind does not process fine details. This is why Danite cannot do nor follow reasoning that require detailed logic, which is why areas such as Law and Math are way beyond Danite`s capacity. You can`t be an advocate with such a flawed mind, Mr. Danite, neither for Jews nor even for dogs. But try dog catching, you might do well in that. (continued)

    from the article: FM Tzipi Livni condemns Belarusian President's anti-Semitic remarks
    First published 00:00 18.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 18.10.07
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