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    • Tosefta
    • 17.07.07 | 00:59 (IDT)

    3. "there is a Halakhic prohibition to drink wine touched by a gentile, etc. These prohibitions were designed to minimize social contacts between Jews and gentiles. And it worked." - Tosefta (First comment) "we are concerned nowadays with stam yenam, ordinary wine made or handled by gentiles. The Talmud forbids such wines as a precautionary measure to prevent socializing with gentiles since it might lead to intermarriage [Avodah Zarah 31b] or because those who use such wines might...be persuaded to apostatize." - Tosefta quoting a source (second comment) The issue was brought up against objections that Jews were not unusually "separate", continuing with the anti-Semitism issue. Danite the Jewish Apologist of course could not tolerate any statement seemingly critical of Jews. He jumped in: "Tosefta wrong. The prohibition against gentile wine is because at the time wine was used for sacred purposes by pagans and often whole vats of wine sold in the market were dedicated formally to a god." - Danite, first response (didn`t work against the source) "The Popes in the Middle agaes.. complained to many christians were going to houses of Jews where they might form too good an opinion of them.So because Jews couldnt drink genitle wine with Gentiles they were inviting Gentiles to drink with them." - Second response (against the source) The man does NOT get it. The Jews could not invite Christians home to have a drink of wine, because a TOUCH by a Christian of the bottle would have rendered the wine non-kosher. (And I am overlooking the fact that somebody who knows little of Halakha appoints himself Defender of the Faith.) But wait, there is a LATE ADDITION: "Tosefta the hypocrite and coward. When will you take my simple quiz about the reasons the Popes banned gentiles form socialising with jews despite your yo-yo claims to the contrary." - Danite Danite the comprehension-challenged is changing the subject without noticing. His story about the Popes was brought to counter the WINE claim, that the Talmud does NOT allow drinking wine with gentiles. (A silly argument for the job.) This is a fact, and imagining that socializing must go together with wine is an anachronism. If I want to make some "yo-yo claim" it would be that perhaps some Jewish community in some country was lax in overly socializing with gentiles, but this certainly was not wide spread. (continued)

    from the article: Fayad: No point in goodwill gestures without negotiations
    First published 00:00 16.07.07 | Last updated 00:00 16.07.07
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