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    • Wafaa - Palestinian
    • 15.04.05 | 11:34 (IDT)

    Good morning, Daniel! Here we go: (It is quite interesting what Wafaa had to say. He/She... SHE. --------- (Who created the occupation?.....) This is the way you read history, looking for your favorite authors who satisfy your justification of the occupation, and of the genocides committed by Israeli gangs before the ?Independence of Israel?, from whom did Israel get Independence? From innocent farmers farming their lands and living in peace with some minority of Jews? Ask my grandfather about hoe Jews and Arabs who lived before immigrant gangs started dreaming about their ?promised? land myth which they used to justify their crimes! Ask Shameer about his contribution to the crimes of Hitler and Himmler in the II WW! (Why did the occupation endure?....) You think that you offered something to Palestinians? Well, let me ask you this: If you are dinning in peace together with you precious family one evening, and I come with my gun, kill ur kids and rape ur wife and ask you to leave, I take ur house and ur land and everything that belongs to u, and then I come back after 50 years and say to u: would u like to buy one of ur old trees, and the price is that u shut up for ever???? What would you answer Mr. Daniel? (In 2000 the Palestinians had a very reasonable...) Can u ask Sharon why he decided to visit the mosque that day? Can u ask the Israeli extremists now why they wanna attack it? If I go and attack you wall in Jerusalem by dirt and so on (which is something I will never do), how would the feelings of ur people respond? what offers are u talking about? Pieces of dried bread? (So who rejects peace?)... Israel does. Think about Israel with definite internationally verified borders, u should agree it is a nightmare to the Israeli government! (Silence ... Aha?) ??. (He/she also said that Muslims reject..... (You obviously watch CNN only, and read ur favorite newspaper. This is ur own problem that u do not know something I know, try to educate urself as much as am educated that there so many Israelis who want peace, and am all ready to co-live with those people! Which books about Islam did u read? CNN reports???? I read HAARETZ everyday, I educate myself about the others without massive judgments, do u?, u even did not recognize that my name is a woman's name! (And on back to the origin ... ) Well, do u want me to repeat???? What historical? Why do not u accept dealing with facts?

    from the article: Hamas leader: You can't get rid of us
    First published 00:00 14.04.05 | Last updated 00:00 14.04.05
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