An Act Of War Perpetrated Through A Proxy Is An Act Of War Perpetrated Through The Terror Puppeteer Itself - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Lavi - Seattle
    • 05.11.11 | 18:03 (IST)

    Hezbollah attacks against Israel from Lebanon, the Iranian-planned but Hezbollah-executed bombing of the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, attacks from militant Palestinian groups in Gaza, more Hezbollah arming with even deadlier, more accurate, longer range, increased payload missiles, more Hezbollah attacks attempted against more foreign Israeli Embassies, etc., yet not even one Revolutionary Guard Al Quds force commando daring to personally attempt to cross the Lebanese border in order to wipe the Jewish State off the face of the earth, as publicly boasted and personally desired. This is so the Iranian Regime born in lies and perpetuated with more lies can continue to lie about its blatant drive for regional hegemony and beyond and do its best to avoid an abortion-inducing strike on its motherland that's feverishly attempting to bring its evil child to full term. It won't be the power of tasty Persian pistachios, the charm of a hand-woven Persian rug, or a delicious bite of Caspian caviar that serves as credible bulwarks to support and reinforce Iran's militant foreign policies alone. Anyone attacking Iran's gestating military nuclear assets at this time will be seen by the Iranian motherland as a late-term forced abortion attempt and her maternal instincts have summoned all her proxies with their deadly weapons to be vigilant and guard her delivery bed to ensure the soon expected delivery of her pride and joy, so far tended to by the best Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and Pakistani expertise that money can buy. Persian pride however will lead before an Iranian fall, especially when this pride and prejudice is satanically against the very existence of a Jewish State whose historical time has come and through which G-d's plan for mankind will be fulfilled.

    from the article: UN report on Iran nuclear program a fabrication, says FM
    First published 16:57 05.11.11 | Last updated 16:57 05.11.11
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