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    • zionist forever
    • 05.05.11 | 20:47 (IDT)

    Obama is not seen as a hero, all he did was sit in the White House situation room and watch Navy Seals do all the hard work. They are the heros who deserve the credit and even if this does give Obama a boost in the polls it won't last more than a couple of weeks because while this was symbolic for the American people most of them are going to be asking what has Obama done for them recently not how many terrorists did he watch commandos kill. Economic growth is still slow and the unemployment situation is still very bad so domestically Obama does't have much to boat about. If there is serious economic recovery before the election it won't be because of Obama's coming of age it will be because of the now Republican dominated Congress who are not allowing Obama to keep spending the way he loves to do so much. If Obama wins a second term it won't be because the people have discovered some new found respect and love for him its because the Republicans didn't put up a candidate who was able to beat him and the people decided i don't like Obama but I like the other guy less so lets not get any romantic illusions Obama is now going to be a great president who will solve all the worlds problems... he is an amuter who is out of his league. As for the Middle East Obama has just kicked off his election campaign and that means solving domestic problems. The vast majority of Americans don't give a damn about the Middle East unless it affects them directly... If gas prices go up which they have and could seriously damage Obama's 2012 campaign if they don't come down then they care. As far as the Israel / arab situation goes only a small minority will let it influence their election decision. It might help with the jewish vote but thats about it. Certainly for the next 6 months - year nobody is going to know how things will play out in the arab world .. The Muslims Brothehood in Egypt are expected to do quite well in the parliamentry election, in Syria nobody knows what will happen, if Assad goes he may end up being replaced by Hizbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood, it might even lead to an all out war between Israel and Syria. If any major oil producing Gulf states have revolutions mini ones that lead to regime change it will send oil prices skyrocketing , Iran is still an unknown quantity, Will Hizbollah survive in Lebanon? On the palestinian front how long will this unity between Fatah & Hamas last especially what will happen in the November election. ... the Middle East is more unstable now than it has been in years and it has nothing to do with Israel. Bin Laden's death won't affect anything

    from the article: With bin Laden dead, Obama has to turn to the Mideast
    First published 23:33 04.05.11 | Last updated 23:33 04.05.11
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