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    • Jack
    • 18.09.13 | 03:18 (IDT)

    The conspiracy between the USA and Israel is so well known I mention it only as an intro. Coming to fight the war.-.what "war", There is no 'war' there is the remainder of a land to which faux hebrews claim they once owned. With a Lithuanian Prime Minister who lies about being "a henrew clod of earth"" who is at best an ashkenazi with afaked name and an Australian Aboriginie with a faked name and faked background as his porte-parole one really shouldn't expect any truths to come from Israel. Israel itself is a fraud, it was not formed by the allies but in friendly collaboration with the Reich from 1934 onwards to 1942. You have heard of the "transfer" no doubt....did you hear how convicial was the solution to 'the Jewish Question" the terrorists sat out WW11 and thousands of Jews escaping to anywhere but Palestine were betrayed in the real "holocaust"..presuming you know what a holocaust/Shoa actualy means. The idea of inplanting of "Israel" into Palestine was a conspiracy between Britain and USA and essential in US aiding the allies in WW11, In 1920 it was agreed and today that very silly and pointless ; Balfour Document" is waved about like the 11th commandement. The conspiracy was enacted at what seemed a very opportune WW11 but the financiers had "Israel" well underway, its bank long before built by the Reich which traded with it even into the war... . You may be protected from comments such as Rabbi Wise when demanding USA give no place to Jewish refugees so they would be returned to the gestapo " we will gain far more by their suffereing". The Israeli hierarchy plotted with the Reich to route the British but as the war ended too soon for that. "Outraged "at British efforts to stop the swamping of Palestine the British were beset withterrorist atrocities and the Nakba commenced in earnest. Most Palestinianshave for decades lived and died in squalid concentration camps whilst Jews swan about in their stolen lands abusing and murdering for sport, Palestinians trying to get on with life but that is not Israel's intention to allow.. Reacton to israeli terrorism for 65 years post WW11 makes the victims subject to abuse torture imprisonment, being 'guinea pigs' for biological and chemical weapons whilst Israel subverts reality with false flag attacks, assassinations and world wide infiltration of nations using zionist organisms posing as "Jewish" to benefit from that most ignorant and stupid but very effective vilification "anti-semite". So this is what these gutless killing spree driven American zionists are coming be welcomed into Livnis arms and allowed to murder Palesinians in the genocide.Commenters call them 'brave"..brave.what nonsense...most of the casualties in the last attack were Israelis killing Israelis. These are just doctrinaire zionists...completely unecessary. The really brave Israelis go to prison rather than aid in atrocities against the Palestinians ..all 'forgiven in the Torah"..including the murder of babies (n Daniel I think)... Ridiculously Israel accused Palestinians of attacking them with 10,000 rockets (not 9300 or 10,133 but 10,000!! LOL!!...what liars they are). Israel has initiated what is ridiculously called 'the arab spring' Egypt adnd Syria yet the bribe to get Egypt on side years ago was the promise of industry for it. In other words divide and conquer is in place supported by USA. which then puts "the acid" on its "allies". Having probvided the gas to kill the Kurds using Israeli GPS the and having so far given WMD's and nearly $400 billion oftaxpayers' funds to Israel to support the New Order and having allowed some of the most satchel mouthed, abusive, psychotic vicious American zionists to help populate lands stolen from Palestinians even condemned by the UN and numrous times, America allows these yamaluk promenading zionist bully -boy creeps seeking an adventure in assassination and side benefits in the IDF to go and join the IDF terrorists. Were some wanting to go to fight for would that go down "ok " with USA? "becaue USA is a democracy"...I don't think so. These would be killers at the very least should be refused any entry visa to return to USA or enter any western nation forever.and in my view the public of western nations should demand that of their governments. I view these would be assassins as lower than mercenaries.

    from the article: American Jews' one-way ticket to the front line
    First published 10:15 20.11.12 | Last updated 10:15 20.11.12
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