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    • Dutch
    • 09.09.06 | 18:51 (IDT)

    American Jews are a disgrace, Their silent in the face of srael's oppression and mistreatment of the Palestinian people is appalling. Jews are the last people on earth who should be oppressing and depriving others of their human rights and targeted killing anyone. It dishonors both the victims of the Holocaust and the state of Israel itself. During the last 5 years of this conflict Israel forces have murdered over 4,000 Palestinians seeking to be free of their tyranny over their land and lives. The Israeli Human Rights group B"Tselem notes over 1,800 were civilians with no ties to the hostilities--over one-third were mere children. Many were on their way to or from school or chasing a soccer ball or one another or wondered off the beaten path. Today, Israeli Army continues to reoccupy the Gaza Strip and it has kept it under a military siege since June. In that short time the IDF/IAF have murdered another 245 Palestinians, 62 of the victims were children again and 25 were women. Palestinian physicians have reported "Flachette" type arrow wounds and other types of banned ammunition. What war criminals! From the reports I have seen the sick and wounded are getting sicker and dying from the lack of medicines and access to specialized care; and an entire population of children, women, men, elderly and infants, suffer from malnutrition. And daily the most moral Army perpetrates more war crimes on these defenseless Gazans by bombing and bulldozing and destroy- ing their homes and property making more people homeless and pushing them into poverty, etc. These are the same people who have already been battered & traumatized by years of military operations as Dr. Alice Rothchild noted in report on Gaza 2004. ( ) What a shameful Israeli government and army and while I condemn their practices and our military/settlement support of them the world over, I will also condemn good American Jews who remain silent. Dutch

    from the article: Rethinking Jewish American deterrence
    First published 00:00 07.09.06 | Last updated 00:00 07.09.06
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