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A fighter from Syria's al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front

Nusra Front leader: 'Assad's fall won't take long'

Head of Al-Qaida in Syria warns Alawites to renounce Assad, 'return to Islam,' in a rare interview with Al Jazeera.

Part of the compound being turned into a settlement outpost.

U.S. millionaire behind new West Bank outpost

Haaretz has learned that American millionaire Irving Moskowitz is the owner of a West Bank church which buyers intend to turn into a new Jewish settlement.

President Barack Obama bows to applause at the end of his remarks at the Adas Israel synagogue

What Obama got wrong about anti-Zionism

By implying that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are the same, the president isn't doing U.S. Jews any favors. He's helping them evade realities they must understand to help Israel survive.

Chef Haim Cohen cooks pizza in a car.

Your car is hot enough to cook pizza - and your kids

Celebrity chef Haim Cohen bluntly reminds parents not to forget their children in the car on Israel's hottest day of the year.