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Illustration by Amos Biderman.
The bleak reality awaiting Netanyahu back home

Poisoned headlines and a looming Histadrut strike in the south await the newly returned PM, while visions of unity governments and rotations fill various party leaders' heads.

05:00 07.03.15 | 1 comments

ISIS destruction of ancient site a 'war crime'

Head of UNESCO blasts Islamic State's bulldozing of ancient city of Nimrud as 'cultural cleansing.'

Torture by Shin Bet investigators rises sharply

In the second half of last year, there were 51 instances of torture reported by Palestinian detainees, compared to eight in the first half of 2014.

Dery at a Shas rally.
Why voting for Dery and Shas is a win-win

Now freed of the Council of Torah Sages, Dery is the sole alternative to the Ashkenazi princes on the right and left. That is why democratic, socially oriented Mizrahim like me should vote for him.

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